Steel and Foundry products

Commercialization of products for steel and foundry allow the development of the industrial sector




1. Raw Material

– Ferroalloys
– Nodulizers
– Metal silicon
– Inoculants (22 + 43)
– Deoxidants
– Flux

2. Electrodes

High Power (HP) and Ultra High Power Graphite electrodes in various sizes, from 3 “to 18”

3. Melt shop refractory

Refractory materials for arc furnaces, gas furnaces, induction furnaces (Steel. Gray Cast Iron and Copper) and spoons in concrete or plastic.

4. Sensors and samplers

Measuring equipment and sensors for molten metal. Thermocouples, Carbon and oxygen sensors, samplers, among others

5. Slags

High performance slags which can reduce the amount of impurities in the melt.

6. Carburizers

Artificial and natural graphite with low sulfur content

7. Flux and degassing

Exothermic and degassing for steel, iron, bronze, copper and aluminum

Casting and moulding


Casting and moulding

8. Crucibles

Crucibles made of graphite, Silicon Carbide and Alumina in different sizes

9. Feeding systems

Exothermic Feeding Systems for sand casting and Insulators for casting of some non-ferrous metals.

10. Moulding resins

Resins for preparation of molds and cores, which provide low emissions and less odor, in addition to short setting times and maintaining its integrity.

11. Ceramic Filters

Ceramic filters of different geometries and sizes with specific pore size for each type of casting

12. Refractory coatings

Magnesite and zirconia based coatings that improve the surface quality of the casting

13. Release powders

Talc and low sulfur graphite powder to use as release agent in moulding.

14. Sands

High purity silica sand with the specific particle size for each casting processes

15. Microfoundry

Supplies for microcasting: waxes and ethylsilicate

Cleaning and surface finish


Cleaning and surface finish

16. Steel shot/grit

High quality angular and spherical steel shot/grit in different sizes.