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We offer services aimed at understanding and optimizing casting and molding processes

Refractory instalation

Quintal offers his experience of more than 20 years in the installation of refractory protection for induction furnaces for melting steel, iron, copper and aluminum. Also, insulation for spoons and heat treatment ovens


Consulting and technical support

Quintal has had a presence in the steel and foundry market since the 90s and since then it has allowed the growth and development of its clients through technical advice on all the processes involved in the foundry.From the right selection of raw materials and equipment, to the evaluation and validation of the final product. This support is focused on improving the quality of parts and optimization of resources.

In addition to consulting, Quintal offers the maintenance and calibration of equipment for measuring temperature, oxygen and carbon. Also the installation, maintenance and commissioning of steel shot blasters, wax injection machines and friction presses.

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Laboratory for sand

Being aware of the importance of the sand and its relationship with the molding resin in the final result of the piece, Quintal has implemented a sand characterization laboratory where offers the following analysis:

  • Granulometry
  • pH
  • Morphological determination (shape)
  • Determination of resin catalyst ratio for each type of sand

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