Manganese based products

Our manufactured products based on manganese are developed to contribute to the progress of the agricultural and the energy sector


Manganese sulphate solution

QUINTAL provides essential compounds for the manufacture of high performance fungicides that do not harm the environment. Products such as Manganese sulphate, among others, are highly appreciated by companies that develop products for the benefit of worldwide crops.

Manganese sulphate solution
Manganese Monoxide (MnO)

We offer various products and mixtures widely used in soils to enrich the topsoil. Manganese and Sulfur based compounds are used to optimize the performance of soils in all latitudes.

Animal nutrition
Manganese Monoxide (MnO)
Monohydrated Manganese Sulphate

We make Manganese-based products for the preparation of mineral premixes, essential for proper animal development . In particular, MONOHYDRATED MANGANESE SULPHATE and MANGANESE MONOXIDE are widely used for this purpose.

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Potable energy

Electrolytic Manganese Dioxide (EMD)
Natural Manganese Dioxide (NMD)

Mobility and connectivity are concepts increasingly force in modern society. A lot of our daily use gear, such as phones, PDAs, laptops and toys, among others, are a reality thanks to the batteries.

Actually, the most important active ingredient in the manufacture of batteries is electrolytic manganese dioxide (EMD). Since 1998, QUINTAL has added EMD to its product portfolio and entered one of the most active and fast growing markets worldwide.

To strengthen its presence in the battery market, strategic alliances were done to built a factory for production of NATURAL MANGANESE DIOXIDE (NMD), complementary product to the EMD, within a specific market segment.

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Ceramic and Brick

P&M dye

At Quintal we develop natural ceramic dyes, derived from Manganese, for pigmenting building products whose raw material is clay, such as bricks, paving tiles, among others.

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